5 car customisation myths and misconceptions debunked

If you’re someone who loves cars and spends a lot of time on the road, have you considered vehicle customisation to truly make your car your own? Not only will it help your car stand out from the crowd, but it could also enhance your vehicle’s value in the process. However, there are many common myths and falsehoods going around about car customisation. We believe it’s time to debunk these misconceptions. So, here are our top 5 myths about car customisation debunked.

1. A vehicle wrap can damage the body

It’s widely believed that car wraps will negatively impact the body of your vehicle. The truth, however, is that car wraps can in fact protect the exterior of your vehicle and keep it looking as good as new.

The adhesive that is used to wrap vehicles is tailored to every vehicle’s exterior paint and can be added without damaging it in any way. Due to this, car wraps act as a shield between any scratches and the paintwork itself.

You can even remove car wraps whenever you want. All the auto-body professional will do is use heat application, clean it afterwards and you’re good to go.

2. Front bumper customisation isn’t a good investment

The bumper is one of the best places to add some customisation to your car. Not only is it affordable, but bumpers are also made from very durable materials that can withstand shocks.

Front bumper customisation tends to get a bad reputation because people mistakenly believe that it’ll wear out and be damaged after a few drives.

As custom bumpers are generally manufactured using ABS plastic, they’re very sturdy and can withstand shock, pressure and abrasions.

3. A fresh paint is a better option than a car wrap

For some odd reason, paint jobs are considered a better or more superior option in comparison to car wraps. Car wraps have more benefits than a paint job – mainly protection – and are therefore a go-to option for sports car owners and celebrities. Why? Car wraps offer a wide selection of customisation options such as shade, sheen and reflection.

In our opinion, a vehicle wrap also makes for a perfect gift for car lovers. Not only does it offer more flexibility to change the look of your vehicle later on, but it also adds a layer of protection to your car.

4. Car wraps can be installed by themselves

Installing car wraps is no easy task. By doing it yourself, you could waste your money and ruin the entire look of your vehicle. It requires precision, experience and the knowledge of dealing with commercial adhesive and vinyl material.

By leaving it to the professionals, there is no chance of bubbles or air pockets forming under the car wrap. Since auto-body professionals have experience in adding car wraps, they can best handle all the specific requirements.

5. The value of your vehicle drops when you customise it

Despite all the cash and time that goes into customising your vehicle, some individuals still believe that customisation could decrease the value of their cars. This puts off many people who initially wanted to customise their vehicles.

In actual fact, certain customisations could even increase the value of your car, especially if you’re thinking about selling it to a car customisation enthusiast. Many enthusiasts often consider their customisation plans when they’re buying a car. This usually results in them bargaining on regular car listings so that they can make the customisations later on. However, if you list your vehicle with customisations like car wraps or tinted windows, it’s still possible you’ll attract a good buyer.

The main downside is that a customised car may reduce the buyer pool as added modifications may be a burden (instead of an asset) to some people. In either case, when you do find a buyer, you’ll be able to sell your vehicle at a higher price.

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