Choosing the right specialist to customise your Tesla

If you’re interested in investing in Tesla modifications in London it’s essential that you choose a team of specialists to do it. Many businesses offer general car modification services, but comparatively few specialise in Tesla – this is an important consideration if you want your car to end up looking its best. So, what do you need to consider when choosing who to trust?

Are they Tesla-specific?

General car modifiers do great work, but if you really want complete peace of mind you should choose a team who only work with Tesla products. Teslas are relatively new to the market, which means many companies haven’t had a chance to become familiar with their quirks and the special techniques required to work on them and to modify them. A Tesla specialist, on the other hand, will only have worked with Teslas which means they have learned those key skills much faster, ultimately allowing them to provide better service.

Something else to consider is that Tesla-specific modifiers will have a broader range of products to choose from. General car modifiers must have products to suit all manner of vehicles – a Tesla-specific modification shop, on the other hand, can curate the products they offer specifically to benefit Tesla owners. This makes choosing how you want to modify your Tesla that much faster.

What services do they offer?

It’s important you choose a specialist that offers a broad range of services, to allow you the option to mix and match services – this means you can have multiple things to your Tesla done in one visit, rather than coming back and forth. So, for example, you could have a colour-matched body kit installed and then have dedicated Tesla paint protection all done in the one visit. This makes it much easier and simpler for you to manage and arrange the modifications you want to do to your Tesla, and it’s all done by one team.

Even if you only want a simple service, or you want one specific thing done to your Tesla, choosing a team who offers a diverse range of Tesla modification services can benefit you in the future. If you choose to modify your Tesla further, you know who to go to.

Is there a fast turnaround time?

Your Tesla has been designed to be effortless to use on a daily basis, so of course, every hour you’re without it is going to be an inconvenience. That’s why you should choose a team that can offer you Tesla customisation without the excessive waiting times. This, again, is where choosing the services of a team that is highly experienced in working with Teslas comes into its own, because they will be able to minimise both time and labour costs, as they are already intimately familiar with working an all Tesla models.

Is there somewhere that offers all of this?

Yes! If you want to save yourself the time and the effort of filtering every option one by one, you should just take your Tesla to Customise My Tesla. We offer experienced and accessible Tesla modification services to London Tesla owners, and those from further afield. We cultivate long term customers due to our excellent customer service, and our no-nonsense approach to Tesla customisation.

We’re Tesla specialists, which means whether you have an old Roadster, a Model S, a Model 3 or even a Model Y we can help you customise it to your preferences. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for simple Tesla paint protection to keep your paintwork safe from the elements, or you’re looking for a comprehensive modification program designed to make your Tesla uniquely yours, we can help.

When you’re looking for a rapid turnaround time from a team of Tesla enthusiasts and specialists, contact Customise My Tesla.

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