Has your Tesla been damaged? Make sure you choose the right specialist to repair it

Finding damage to your Tesla is something no owner wants to face, but it’s a reality of owning any vehicle. No matter how well you keep your car, accidents can happen. That means it’s important to know you have a specialist available to carry out your Tesla body repairs both quickly and affordably. For that, you need the specialists at Customise My Tesla.

Finding your Tesla damaged

You no doubt love your Tesla and treat it well, but there are times when you’re simply not in control of what happens to lead to it being damaged. It may, for example, be damaged by a passing motorist while parked on the side of the road. You may be involved in a minor traffic collision. Something may accidentally bump or scrape your vehicle from a passer-by.

It’s a sad truth that accidents happen; it’s just part of the risk we take owning and driving our vehicles. The good thing, however, is that you can get your Tesla’s bodywork repaired surprisingly easily. All you need to do is ask a specialist.

Who should you trust?

If your Tesla has been damaged, you should seek the services of a team that are experienced in all things relating to Tesla body repairs. That means putting in a call to Customise My Tesla, London’s Tesla specialists.

The thing about bodywork damage is that it never occurs at a convenient time. That means you’ll want your Tesla back in your possession as soon as possible; nobody wants to say goodbye to their pride and joy for weeks on end. But of course, you don’t want the speed of the work to negatively impact the quality of the job that’s done.

That’s why working with Customise My Tesla makes so much sense. We’re a team of Tesla specialists, who only work with Teslas, so whatever model Tesla you have you can be satisfied that we know our way around it. That experience means we’re able to offer excellent lead times on even the most involved body repairs. We don’t only offer Tesla body repairs, we also offer body customisation, which means we’re well versed in removing and replacing Tesla body panels as quickly as possible.

Depending on the severity of the damage, we may even be able to repair it while you wait.

What kind of body repairs do we offer?

Customise My Tesla offers a comprehensive range of Tesla body repairs. This can be anything from the tiniest scuff in your paintwork, to full body panel replacement after a large accident.

We’ll assess your vehicle and the area of damage to decide with you the best way forward. If it’s possible, we may be able to simply make smaller marks and imperfections disappear using a mixture of our polishing and paint correction techniques. If, however, the whole panel needs to be replaced, we can supply said panel and make sure it’s painted exactly to match the colour of your vehicle. No matter the size of the repair, your Tesla will leave our workshop looking spotless.

Damage to your Tesla? Call us today

If you find your Tesla is damaged, or you’re involved in an accident, don’t wait to get the problem addressed. When you work with Customise My Tesla, we’ll make the process of getting your Tesla repaired as easy and stress-free as possible.

Whether it’s a tiny mark and imperfection or a large amount of damage resulting from a crash, we can offer you complete customer satisfaction and return your Tesla to looking as good as it did from the factory. Call Customise My Tesla for a quote today.

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