How your Tesla can benefit from ceramic paint protection

In this blog post, we look at all the benefits which you can look forward to from Tesla paint protection.

Do you drive a Tesla? If you are the proud driver of this American-made vehicle, you own a car which is one of the most forward-thinking on the planet. Tesla is seen as a pioneer in the development of electric vehicles, so if you have one of these futuristic cars, why should your car paint be stuck in a bygone era?


By giving your Tesla a ceramic paint coating, you can expect a paint job which will protect the surface of your car for much longer. This is a completely new coating which is layered on your car and is highly resistant to everything from inclement weather to environmental aggressors. You will notice how long it lasts when compared to wax coatings.

No need to wax

Talking of wax, there is no need to bother with a wax sealant once your car has been given a ceramic coating. That’s because, with wax, you need to get a new coating every few months, but with ceramic coating, all it takes is one single paint job. Think of the time and money that could save you in the long run!

Unbeatable protection

A ceramic or nano-coating can protect your car in so many different ways. There are those unlucky scratches which can leave you with a bill for bodywork, or mud and dirt that can become ingrained in your car’s surface and leave it looking worse for wear with frequent use. They are all prevented by a ceramic coating, which effectively encases your Tesla.

Sparkling clean

Because ceramic is so dirt-resistant, you can find that muck literally falls off it. It comes down to the smooth and even surface provided by ceramic coating, meaning that the molecules of dirt struggle to stick to it. That all adds up to fewer trips to the car wash because your Tesla will be simply cleaner.

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How your Tesla can benefit from ceramic paint protection
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