Interior customisation: what’s best for my Tesla?

Even straight out of the factory, Teslas are high-quality vehicles that promise a great driving experience. But nothing can beat the feeling of driving a car that is as you want it exactly, and with Tesla modifications in London, you can align your vehicle with your vision and have the driving experience of your dreams.

When planning your customisation, the inside of your car is just as important as the outside – in fact, as the inside is the part of your car which you’ll be seeing the most, in some ways, it’s even more critical. But it’s not a project that you should rush into without significant thought about the best way to make your Tesla even better.

Carry on reading for some ideas on how Customise My Tesla can improve your car.

Interior wraps

With an internal wrap, a high-quality synthetic film (often vinyl) is wrapped around the inside of your car, leaving it with a clean and uniform finish. Often when customising the outside, you’ll get an external wrap applied; why not get the insides wrapped too for a harmonious aesthetic?

Internal wraps can be done quickly and can cover as much or as little of your car’s insides as you want. Customise My Tesla can simply wrap your steering wheel and dashboard for a minimalist approach. However, if your vision is different, then feel free to discuss other approaches, such as wrapping the door handles and the interior panelling.

Wraps come in a variety of finishes. As mentioned, you can go for a finish complementary to the outside of your car; however, more contrasting finishes are equally popular, with glossy finishes a particular favourite. And if you ever change your mind or want to sell your Tesla, we can remove the wrap with minimal fuss and no lasting damage.

Customised steering wheels

You’ll spend almost all your time in your Tesla holding your steering wheel. In some ways, it’s the most important thing on the inside of your car. Customise My Tesla specialises in custom steering wheel designs, meaning you can connect to your vehicle in your own very unique way.

If you’re planning on using your Tesla more for performance purposes (maybe on track days, for example), then a racing steering wheel might make sense. These are ergonomically designed for efficiency and speed and often contain lots of controls for you to toggle by hand while driving – this means fewer distractions and allows you to focus just on the drive.

For more conservative customisation, replace the original Tesla steering wheel with an aftermarket carbon fibre wheel. These have a great and unique look to them – glossy and firm and matching much of the rest of the trim of your car. Customise My Tesla can work with you to find the perfect model for you and even ensure that it comes in the trim of your choice, whether leather or something else entirely.

Sound systems

Your car is your second home, so why not enjoy the same quality of music in it that you would in your living room or home theatre? Automobile sound systems are increasingly sophisticated and can deliver crisp and loud music, and Customise My Tesla can work with you on finding one to integrate with your Tesla.

A good start on this front can be fitting advanced speakers into your doors. These are an excellent place to access the power connections necessary for an aftermarket sound system and can ensure that you and your passengers listen to your music as the artists intended. Soundproofing your doors can also have a significant positive impact on the listening experience.

You can also add a subwoofer to the sound system, something most Teslas do not have as a standard feature. Adding one can amplify the bass levels in your car – ideal for genres like hip-hop or trance, but an easy way to improve sound quality for almost any kind of music.

Trim colour changes

A trim colour change can be a highly cost-effective solution for a subtle but powerful interior aesthetic shift. Customise My Tesla can pick the right shade for you and deploy it across the interior of your entire car (both at the front and back) for a striking modification sure to turn heads.


If you’re looking to customise the inside of your Tesla, don’t settle for second-best. Get in touch with Customise My Tesla today. Based in London and with huge amounts of experience customising cars, we’ll make sure your Tesla is the car you’ve always dreamed of owning.

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