Is de-chroming right for your Tesla?

While some people admire a factory-fresh Tesla that looks just like the standard make and model they’ve seen online, others prefer a more personal approach and seek to modify their cars. Fortunately, experts in Tesla customisation offer a wide range of options to alter these electric vehicles to meet specific tastes. From stylish window tints to paint protection services and interior modifications, there are many possibilities to pick from.

Among the more popular options available is a select service called de-chroming, and in the following sections, we’ll explore this type of customisation so you can decide if it suits your style.

What does de-chroming mean?

As you would expect from the service name, de-chroming, (sometimes referred to as chrome delete and de-chrome wraps) involves reducing the chrome present on your Tesla. You might have purchased a Model S Tesla or a Model X, but either way, there’s a good chance its trim will feature some chrome.

Tesla designers favour this flashy finish on many parts of the cars they create, including indicators, door handles, front grilles, window surrounds and badges, but not every Tesla owner is a fan.

When a Tesla is de-chromed, the chrome is removed from the car and replaced with a different type of trim. While some Tesla owners opt for trims the same colour as their bodywork for a more seamless look, others opt for a simple but smart finish in matte black.

Why choose to de-chrome your Tesla?

We’ve looked at what de-chroming involves in terms of customisation, but what impact can this have on your Tesla and is it the right option for you?

De-chroming is designed to alter the aesthetic design of your car and is mainly chosen to downplay the trim that ships with a Tesla as standard. If you prefer a more unique look for your car, de-chroming is a great option.

While cars boasting a chrome finish may have proved exceptionally popular in the 90s, this type of trim is seen by many today as outdated. If you prefer to keep the car you drive looking current, de-chroming your Tesla is a simple and non-invasive way to upgrade it.

In terms of customisation, you’ll be in the driver’s seat when decisions are made. You can choose to have all the chrome on your Tesla removed entirely or pick areas of trim to change and keep to suit your personal preference.

How much will it cost to de-chrome your Tesla?

The price of reducing the chrome trims on your Tesla will depend on whether you plan to remove all of it from sight or just specific areas. Whatever option you decide on, you’ll find that de-chroming is a far less expensive way to obtain an updated and more elite look than purchasing the pricey trims available for the Tesla fleet.

What advantages does de-chroming bring?

If you’ve had your Tesla for some time, de-chroming can refresh your car, giving it an all-new look and feel. It can also be an economic solution when you want to sidestep purchasing expensive trims. In comparison, de-chroming is a far more cost-effective option that can give your Tesla a more expensive appearance.

De-chroming can also have practical advantages. Some Tesla drivers have remarked that a matte black trim can be incredibly durable, holding up well to wear and tear. Chrome trim, on the other hand, can fall victim to marking and pitting over time, reducing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Specialists in Tesla modifications

If you’d prefer a sleeker and sportier appearance for your Tesla, at Customise My Tesla, we’ll be happy to advise and assist you with our dedicated de-chroming service. We have an impressive selection of vinyl types for you to choose from, each delivering a unique appearance, including gloss, brushed, satin and carbon fibre.

Whether you drive a Model 3 or a Model X, if you’re now looking to style up your vehicle with Tesla modifications in London, you can rely on our gifted team. It is our pleasure to continue to offer our select clients the possibility of adding exceptional value to their investment through an extensive array of services, such as paint protection, exterior styling, window tinting and interior customisation.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to request a quote and to explore the full list of options available to transform your Tesla.

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