Is Tesla paint protection a good investment?

If you’re thinking about investing in Tesla paint protection, you might wonder if it’s really worth your money. When done properly paint protection is a totally invisible coating, and you’ll probably forget it’s even there. So is it worth investing in? The answer is a resounding yes, and here’s why.

Stopping daily damage

Your Tesla’s paintwork is being damaged every single day, whether you know it or not. There are the obvious marks you pick up while driving, such as stone chips and marks from debris and so on, but there are smaller marks too. Marks you might not be able to see without looking especially for them. But these marks can begin to hasten the process of your paintwork degrading.

This is without mentioning the damage caused by salty rain and baking sun if your Tesla lives outside or is driven in all weathers. As well as helping to prevent unsightly marks, paint protection can actually prolong the life of your paintwork. A properly applied paint protection coating can help to prevent UV fading, sun spots, and damage from salt.

Making it easier to sell

Tesla is a company that is always striving to innovate, and new models are coming out frequently. That means you might want to sell your current Tesla so you can get a new one – a paint protective coating can make it easier to do just that. If your Tesla has already been coated it means the new owner won’t have to. It also signals to a prospective new buyer that your Tesla has been looked after by a diligent and careful owner. This is all in addition to the fact it has helped keep the paint in excellent condition, which in itself will make your Tesla considerably more desirable on the used market.

Who should you trust?

So Tesla paint protection is actually an excellent investment and has many returns to offer you, but that’s only if it’s applied by professionals who are experienced in Tesla customisation. That’s why you should choose Customise My Tesla, we offer all manner of Tesla modifications in London, including paint protection, boasting minimal turnaround times and superb customer service.

To learn more about our Tesla paint protection services, or to book, just contact Customise My Tesla today.

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