What are the advantages of tinting your Tesla’s windows?

Investing in a Tesla is an exciting experience for many drivers, but it’s not uncommon for owners to want a little personalisation of their new possession. Customising your new Tesla doesn’t have to be tricky though, with many modifications easily accomplished by experts. From de-chroming to adding protective paint, there are lots of options to make your new ride more suited to your taste.

Window tinting is one of the potential changes you can make to your Tesla. From the practical to the aesthetic, join us now as we explore why Tesla drivers are opting to upgrade their windows with this stylish addition.

Practical protection for you and your passengers

Tinting the windows of your Tesla can offer an enhanced driving environment for you behind the wheel as well as others on board. Windscreens and rear and side windows with a tint can better protect you from the sun’s glare than the standard glass fitted in cars, while also keeping the temperature inside your Tesla cooler.

The practical benefit for you as a driver is improved visibility of the road. And both you and your passengers will enjoy an improved experience with upgraded comfort levels inside.

When you’re taking a long road trip, you can enjoy certain health benefits from tinting your windows. When we are exposed for long periods of time to the sun’s powerful UV rays, certain harmful effects have been well-documented. Having the windows of your car tinted can reduce exposure for everyone inside, mitigating a host of issues that range from premature ageing of the skin to actual skin cancer.

Energy-saving with window tinting

There are savings to be made in energy use and the associated costs of battery charging. You will find that as a driver of a Tesla, the interior of your car is far cooler with tinted windows. This means that your onboard air conditioning systems will not need to work so hard to maintain lower temperatures. This can save on battery life, meaning you won’t have to stop for a charge quite so often on the way to your intended destination.

Defending your Tesla from harmful rays

Along with advantages for passengers, tints that filter out the sun’s rays can also preserve the interior of your vehicle’s condition. This is because the upholstery and plastics commonly included in cars can be impacted by prolonged sunlight exposure. The UV radiation contained in rays can work to break down cloth’s polymer bonds, causing them to bleach and leading to loss of colour. Similarly, over time, it can also break chemical bonds in plastic and can dry it out, causing cracking.

The ultimate in style and privacy

Finally, two other benefits of tinting windows include adding an exclusive and stylish look to your new Tesla and enjoying extra privacy. While laws here in the UK state you can only tint front and rear windows to a certain extent for road safety and driver identification, side windows can feature a deeper tint, affording you and your passengers the ability to enjoy a low profile.

Specialists in tailoring Teslas

Whether you drive a Model X or a Model S, if you’re looking to style up your car’s windows around London with a tint, you can rely on our team at Customise My Tesla. We pride ourselves on offering additional value to your impressive investment and ensuring your ride has the look you desire. Contact us today to explore all the customisations available and receive a free quote for your car.

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