What are the hidden benefits of customising a Tesla?

Vehicle modification is not a new concept, and Tesla owners have been quick to recognise its potential. While there is no doubt the number one reason for customisation is to personalise a car, there are multiple advantages drivers can enjoy from these modifications that have nothing to do with altering their aesthetics. Read on to explore these hidden benefits.

De-chroming for durability

While some Tesla owners love their car the way it looks straight from the showroom, others want to make changes to suit their personal tastes. A popular modification is to de-chrome the vehicle and downplay some of its reflective surfaces. De-chroming involves these areas being wrapped with a new covering, creating a completely different look and a stealthier appearance.

There are added advantages to this modification that can increase the longevity of your Tesla, which may be beneficial if you wish to resell it in the future. The vehicle wraps cover the original chrome, effectively protecting it from scratches and other harm. Furthermore, many wraps, like black vinyl, are far less likely to show any minor marks, improving the overall appearance of the car.

From ensuring your car keeps its appeal to safeguarding your investment, de-chroming has more to offer than a simple style adjustment.

Keep cool and drive safely with window tinting

Window tints earned a reputation of being adopted by boy racers to avoid identification on the road, but today, they are associated with those seeking privacy and are considered the epitome of style. From private hire cars to elite chauffeur-driven limousines, tinted windows are now a regular option for those seeking to remain low profile. A favourite of celebrities like musicians and actors, as well as government and executive-level employees, tinted windows can keep prying eyes out of a vehicle’s interior.

While the unrivalled style of tinted windows is a sought-after solution to achieve impressive aesthetics, there are more practice benefits that drivers enjoy from this modification. Tinting windows can cut down on the amount of glare that motorists face from the sun, making for better visibility and safer and more enjoyable driving.

Additionally, tinting can limit the amount of ultra-violet rays entering the vehicle. This can have numerous benefits for drivers. It can keep the interior of cars cooler, which means that the vehicle’s dedicated air conditioning does not need to work so hard, putting far less strain on its battery. The UV rays are also less likely to sun fade a car’s interior trim. It goes without saying that as the car is cooler within, drivers and their passengers also enjoy a more comfortable experience.

It’s worth remembering that legislation is at work regarding tinting windows here in the UK. Recorded road accidents relating to tinted windows were often caused by drivers being unable to see clearly due to windows being too heavily tinted.

Fortunately, if you opt to have your Tesla’s windows tinted by a specialist, you can be sure any Tesla customisation will be in keeping with the law. Unless you want to risk facing a heavy fine, this is always a wise move.

Tinting headlamps to save lives

Another option to modify your Tesla is to tint your headlights. There are no official laws in the UK that ban the tinting of headlamps and rear lights, but rules exist that define modifications to vehicle lights. Taillights must be red and headlamps white, and any tints added must never reduce brightness beyond 50 per cent and enable most of the light to penetrate.

In 2019, an RAC study found that around 50 per cent of UK drivers suffered from being dazzled by the brightness of headlamps. The research also uncovered that around 300 road collisions occur each year across the country where headlights dazzling drivers are a recognised factor.

For this reason, tinting headlamps is not simply a style choice that adds subtlety to your Tesla, but also has the potential to save lives on the road and improve the driving experiences of other motorists.

Tesla modifications in London

You might drive a Model X or a Model S, but regardless, if you’re now seeking to add some personal style and enjoy the associated benefits of customisation, you can rely on our expert team in London. At Customise My Tesla, it’s our privilege to help Tesla owners stamp their individuality onto their new ride with an impressive range of services. These include paint protection, headlamp and window tinting, de-chroming, interior customisation, exterior styling, and window tinting, among many others.

Contact us today and explore all the options offered that can make your Tesla personalised, along with a free quotation for any custom work required.

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What are the hidden benefits of customising a Tesla?