What are your options for customising your Tesla’s interior?

If you’re looking for Tesla modifications in London, you’ll find a lot of services are geared to the outside of your car. But while Tesla customisation to the outside of the vehicle can make a huge difference, you shouldn’t forget the interior.

The interior is, after all, where you spend most of your time with the vehicle. So why not truly make it your own?

Our Tesla interior customisation services

At Customise My Tesla, we’re experienced in all manner of London Tesla modifications and customisation requests, both internal as well as external. We can help you to make a unique design statement with your Tesla’s interior and offer a range of options.

Dashboard wrap

A wrap isn’t just for the outside of your car, far from it – you can wrap the dashboard of your Tesla as well. The great thing about wrapping is that because the design process is so simple and cheap now, you have basically unlimited options for the type of design that you would like. Whether you want to go with simple solid colours or something more outlandish, you can do it.

The wrap can be printed for you and applied by our dedicated Tesla modification team to exacting standards. Poor quality wraps stand out a mile, with badly lined up edges and both crinkles and air bubbles everywhere you look. You won’t have to worry about that when you have a custom Tesla interior wrap supplied and fitted by the team at Customise My Tesla.

Steering wheel

When it comes to things that you have a hands-on relationship with in your Tesla, the steering wheel is top of the list. It’s the thing you touch most often and it’s the thing that you look at most often too. If the standard Tesla steering wheel is not to your taste, we can help you to make it something much more visually impressive with a range of options.

For some inspiration, you could maybe think about colour coding your wheel with your exterior paintwork. Or, you could consider getting a wheel with faux-wood or even carbon fibre inserts for a splash of different visual appeal. Whatever your design preferences are, there’s a steering wheel to suit you, and changing it is simple and straight-forward.

Interior trim colours

The interior trim of your tesla is what offsets the primary colour of your upholstery. This means it can have a huge impact on the way your Tesla looks. If you don’t like the interior trim of your car, or you’re just looking to explore with something a little different, we have a range of options for you to choose from – all with easy, effortless fitting.

If, for example, you love the look of carbon fibre we can offer a range of weaves and styles. Similarly, we can also help you colour-code the interior trim to complement your Tesla’s exterior. You may also like to explore some other more unusual designs, such as wood or even stone effect to make your Tesla’s interior an individual design statement.

Trusting London’s Tesla experts

At Customise My Tesla, you’ll find the best quality Tesla modifications in London available at any price. Our team are dedicated to dealing with Teslas and nothing else, which means we’ve honed the customisation process down to a fine art. What that means for you is a much-reduced lead time, so you won’t be without your car for half as long.

Whether you have a Tesla Model S, a Tesla Model Y, or a Tesla Model 3 we can help you make your Tesla interior truly unique. Contact Customise My Tesla for a quote today.

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