What modifications are available for your Tesla?

Tesla has made a massive impact in the automotive industry with its innovative electric vehicles. With its incredible cars becoming a common sight on roads, the brand is growing in popularity every day.

The one downside to Tesla’s electric vehicles is their lack of custom features. With a handful of colour options available and little in the way of trim customisations, all models look very similar.

If you’re wanting your Tesla to stand out from the crowd or display a little bit of originality, then you might want to consider some modifications. We’re going to dive into the world of Tesla customisation below to find out what modifications are available for your car.

Tesla paint protection

If you’re looking to keep your Tesla in mint condition, then Tesla paint protection is an excellent modification. Using a transparent, thermoplastic film to protect the finish of your car, this customisation technique offers a lot of benefits.

For example, the glossy finish will keep your Tesla looking brand new even after many miles of use. It’s useful in protecting against abrasion, scratches and even ultraviolet rays that can discolour your paint job.

Moreover, Tesla paint protection makes it much easier to clean your car because the film stops dust and particulate matter from sticking to the paintwork. As far as modifications go, this option is really useful.


When a Tesla rolls out of the factory, all of its accents and trim work are finished in chrome. This is a flashy finish that looks great, but for those of you looking to personalise the look of your electric vehicle, de-chroming can add a lot of character.

De-chroming is, as the name suggests, a modification that removes the chrome decals and trims from your Tesla. Other materials and colour schemes can be used in place of the chrome finish to offer an extra level of customisation.

Headlamp and window tinting

If you’re wanting to modify the aesthetics of your Tesla, the headlamps, taillights and windows are excellent places to start. From dark, smoked out headlamps to coloured window tints, there are lots of ways that you can inject your own style into a Tesla.

Headlamp and tail light modifications offer a few different styles that can dramatically alter the look of your Tesla, especially in the evenings. You can alter the housing of the headlights to impact the overall appearance of the headlights or swap out the stock bulbs for something a little flashier.

Window tinting is another option that can add privacy and style to your stock Tesla. It can also keep your car cooler by blocking out excessive sunlight. Be mindful of the laws surrounding window tinting in the UK, though, as if you tint too heavily, your Tesla will no longer be legal on the road.

You can even tint your headlights if you’re wanting to add some flair without changing components. Again, be mindful of the laws here as all headlamps should be white in colour.

Customised brake callipers

Brake callipers are a perfect place to add some colour to your Tesla’s look, and it’s a really straightforward modification. If you’re looking for an easy, DIY modification, vinyl calliper covers are available and incredibly intuitive to install.

For something more bespoke, though, getting your brake callipers professionally painted to match the trim or interior of your Tesla is the way to go. With limitless possibilities, you can really make your Tesla stand out from the crowd with a new colour of the brake calliper.

Interior customisation

The interiors of a Tesla are refined, elegant and designed with care. If you’re looking to change things up, then the interior allows for a huge range of modifications. If you’re looking to add some flair to your Tesla, you can alter the interior in a number of ways:

– Dashboard wraps
– Steering wheel covers
– Interior trim paintwork

These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities for changing the look of your Tesla’s interior are limitless. From the cupholders to the stitching of your seats, the interior of a Tesla has a lot of room for customisation.

Teslas are already incredible vehicles that look great in their own right. With a few tweaks, though, you can really make it a car that accentuates your style to the letter.

If you’re considering customising your Tesla to give it a unique look, contact our specialists at Customise My Tesla today.

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