What your car says about you!

There are lots of stereotypes attached to certain makes and models of vehicle, as well as abundant jokes and digs at ‘white van men’!

If you’ve already invested in a groundbreaking Tesla, it shows that you fall into the category of a discerning driver. Someone who has luxury, technology and sustainability high on their lifestyle priorities.

We don’t need to tell you how brilliantly your car drives, but the vehicle’s aesthetics – outer appearance in particular – is important too. This is why you may be considering Tesla customisation.

So, let’s dig down deeper into the reasons to commission Tesla modifications in London and what your car says about you.

Why exterior details matter

The way a car looks can be a status symbol – showing off wealth and prestige – and this is a widely accepted idea. It’s also common to think of some car brands and models as for older drivers, families, young learners or even ‘boy racers’ for instance.

The truth is, we don’t just judge and evaluate people based on the type of car they own. After all, we live in a society that puts a high price on physical appearance!

For example, having a dirty vehicle with rusty scratches and old dents signals someone who is not only uncaring but also irresponsible. The damage is going to get worse if it’s not dealt with.

A rather flashy OOT car implies someone who ‘talks the talk’ but who cares about appearances too much! Pulling up in a large four-wheel drive known for fuel inefficiencies – in a city setting – can also give the impression that the owner is all style and no substance.

When you see a flawless electric car, the implication of this is that the owner is someone who cares about their environmental footprint. They are also displaying great attention to detail and taking the time, and trouble needed to keep their vehicle well maintained and truly roadworthy.

Passengers are going to feel safer with you, and when parking up for a meeting, you will build trust before you even open your car doors!

The science behind first impressions

This sort of instant appraisal is not simply the modern obsession with ‘looks’. Humans are hard-wired to get essential information from visual input – which is why first impressions do count!

Within a tenth of a second, our brain can formulate opinions and hypothesis based on what we see. One glance, and we assess another person’s gender, race, level of affluence and even attitude based on body language, for example.

(source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/talking-apes/201708/the-psychology-first-impressions)

It’s that ‘friend or foe’ instinct that has evolved into instant judgement. It now extends to how we evaluate someone’s home and vehicle.

The subtle issues with finishes

Of course, appearances don’t just matter to other people; they matter to you!

A car’s styling and finish is an important part of its engineering and prestige. This means even the slightest thing that jars on your car’s exterior can detract from how much you – and others – admire it.

For example, this could be the chrome finish on your Tesla. Perhaps it looked great in the showroom, but over time it’s started to niggle and look slightly tacky to you. Or, you have become aware that your brake callipers stand out too much – or not enough – and you wish you could customise their colour.

What may seem like a small detail to others starts to detract from your pride in your Tesla!

Having that expertly corrected could lift your bodywork, giving your whole car the ‘right’ look and feel.

Get in touch to discuss Tesla customisation that gets your car ‘saying’ all the right things.

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