Why should you think about de-chroming your Tesla?

If you’re looking for a Tesla customisation specialist in London, be sure to contact us at Customise My Tesla. We’re specialists in all manner of Tesla modifications, upgrades, and paint correction/protection services. One of our highly popular services is Tesla de-chroming – but what is it, and why might you be interested?

What is de-chroming?

De-chroming a Tesla, as the name implies, involves removing the chrome from it. Whether it’s the Model 3, Model X or Model S, your Tesla is likely to have a chrome trim somewhere. Usually, the automatic door handles, window trims, and other selected trim pieces around the car will be chromed. De-chroming is the process of removing them and replacing them with something else – usually either more body colour trims or trims that have a matt black finish.

Why might de-chroming be right for you?

De-chroming is a choice you make because of the visual impact it has on your car. Many consider the chrome trim on their Tesla to be a little too garish or over the top. De-chroming is a great way to enhance the stealthy, prestigious, or moody look you’re aiming for with your vehicle. Whatever your goals are for the way your Tesla looks, de-chroming can have a surprisingly powerful impact. Some also find black trim more resistant to pitting and marking.

Why choose us to de-chrome your Tesla?

If you’re looking for any manner of Tesla modifications in London, de-chroming included, you have to consider Customise My Tesla. We have built our business around our specialist knowledge of Tesla modifications – whether it’s paint protection/correction, bodywork or interior modifications, or any manner of upgrade, we can help.

Choose us not only because of our skills and experience but also because of our depth of customer service and our quick turnaround times. You won’t be dropping your Tesla off at our workshop only to wonder when you’re going to get it back, and dreading the bill while you do so. You will have your car returned to you in a timely fashion, with the work completed to the highest possible standard. To learn more about Tesla de-chroming, or to book, contact Customise My Tesla today.

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