Vinyl wrap is the best way to customise your Tesla Model X

If you haven’t heard of it before, vinyl wrapping is a great way of altering or protecting your car’s paintwork by fixing a piece of vinyl coating over the top of it. Use the same or a different colour or choose a different finish, such as matte or gloss. Any vehicle can be transformed in minutes with this highly effective technique, and many different colours and finishes are available, including metallic and chrome.

A vehicle wrap shouldn’t be confused with protection treatments, which is the process of applying a chemical topcoat over the original paintwork. Instead, it’s a great way of dramatically enhancing the appearance of what might otherwise be a fairly standard-looking vehicle.

Why you should choose a vinyl wrap instead of a respray for your Tesla Model X

We’re all appreciative of the many hundreds of hours that car designers spend on making their vehicles look as aesthetically interesting as possible. But sometimes the paint colours available from the dealership aren’t precisely what you’re looking for. If you are looking to change the look of your Tesla Model X with a new colour scheme, you’re faced with a choice; respray or wrap? An ever-increasing number of people are choosing the latter when it comes to car customisation, so let’s take a look into the reasons why.

For a start, one unexpected but useful benefit of a vinyl wrap is that they actually have two functions. Not only do they imbue your car with individuality and style, but the layer of vinyl means that your OEM paint job is actually protected from damage. Not only that, but vinyl does not fade in sunlight in the same way that a coat of paint does, so your Tesla will stay looking crisp and fresh for longer. A custom paint job, on the other hand, is still a paint job and is equally as susceptible to scratches and scuffs as when the car first rolled off the production line.

As you can imagine, another key advantage of wrapping your car instead of respraying is the cost. A custom paint job is a time-consuming procedure and can cost many thousands of pounds, whilst the same procedure for wrapping is much quicker and cost-effective.

A custom paint job is a great way to make a car your own, but that can cause problems should you decide to sell your car on. A vinyl wrap also makes the car individual and personal to you. But as soon as you decide to move on, the wrap can be removed, and your car is restored to its OEM colour. Not only that, but the paint will be sparkling and damage-free thanks to the added level of protection from the wrap. If you want individuality, enhanced protection, and style, all for a reasonable expense, wrapping may be the way to go for you.

Get a quick-fire vinyl wrapping quote for your Tesla Model X

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