How to select a Tesla customisation service

Cars can be exceptionally personal possessions, and many motorists like the idea of infusing their style into the vehicles they get behind the wheel of. Automakers were quick to cotton on to this trend, providing different trims for purchasers to pick from, but so was the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). In 1989, the DVLA started selling registration numbers, after identifying people would pay money for personalised plates.

Some car buyers investing in a Tesla like the way they look when they’re factory fresh. For others, this might not be the case. Fortunately, for drivers in search of the perfect style, there is a multitude of modifications that can tailor a Tesla to suit your taste. From de-chroming parts of your ride to tinting its windscreen, custom options can create a different look, while other services like paint protection offer practical benefits.

Buying an innovative vehicle from a leading manufacturer like Tesla represents a substantial financial investment. With this in mind, it’s worth taking your time before selecting a company to handle your customisations. Read on for some important points to consider when you’re carrying out research and who to trust.

Brand specialists

While general experts in car modification earn impressive reputations, a firm that focuses solely on customising Tesla vehicles is always a smart move. Unlike many brands from Ford to Ferrari, Tesla hasn’t been around for so long. This means that many custom car specialists haven’t enjoyed the opportunity of working on them. Enlisting a modifier without experience of the unique techniques needed to adapt a Tesla is not a recipe for peace of mind.

To avoid this unnecessary stress and any dissatisfaction with the service provided, opt instead for a Tesla specialist. Experienced and adept at the intricacies associated with Tesla vehicle architecture, companies that only work on Tesla products can offer many advantages.

Your customisations will be completed quicker and more skillfully, and you’ll get much better modifications for your money. Tesla-specific firms also offer a more extensive array of customisation choices than general modifiers so you’re more likely to find the option you’re after.

All modifications you make should enhance your Tesla and increase its value. By selecting a specialist in Tesla cars, you can ensure that you won’t be harming what amounts to a serious investment. Tesla experts know how to adapt vehicles so that modifications are in keeping with the brand while creating a bespoke look and feel for their drivers.

Services offered

As mentioned, Tesla-only companies customising cars will offer a wider range of options. However, not all Tesla modifiers will provide the same services. Make sure that every type of modification you’re looking for can be completed by the company you choose. There are many different kinds of customisations available for Tesla that can alter the interior and exterior of a vehicle.

Using different modifiers to tackle multiple customisations means the process of achieving your perfect look will take far longer. With one team handling all modifications, you can get services like paint protection and exterior styling work carried out in a single visit, saving you time. With an experienced crew who know your car and what you’re aiming for, you also won’t have to keep explaining what you want with each new modification.

Speed is of the essence

Tesla vehicles are designed to offer drivers an effortlessly easy experience on the road. Every day your Tesla is being worked on is another day you’re inconvenienced. To ensure work is completed in record time at minimal disruption to your driving, always select a Tesla modification specialist that offers a swift turnaround.

When you select an experienced team that understands Tesla cars intimately, you’ll find that the time it takes to complete modifications is less and the labour costs involved are far lower.

Professional Tesla modifications

You might have purchased a brand-new Model X, a Model Y or even have an older roadster model, but if you’re now on the hunt for experts in Tesla modifications in London, our gifted team can be called upon for any service.

At Customise My Tesla, it’s our pleasure and privilege to provide the select clients we serve with the option of adding value to their vehicles with a tailored range of solutions that includes window tinting, exterior styling, paint protection, interior customisation, and de-chroming, among many others. Contact us now to find out all the possibilities available to make a Tesla reflect your sense of style and acquire a free quote for the work required.

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