What are the hidden benefits of customising a Tesla?

Vehicle modification is not a new concept, and Tesla owners have been quick to recognise its potential. While there is no doubt the number one reason for customisation is to personalise a car, there are multiple advantages drivers can enjoy from these modifications that have nothing to do with altering their aesthetics. Read on to explore these hidden benefits.

De-chroming for durability

While some Tesla owners love their car the way it looks straight from the showroom, others want to make changes to suit their personal tastes. A popular modification is to de-chrome the vehicle and downplay some of its reflective surfaces. De-chroming involves these areas being wrapped with a new covering, creating a completely different look and a stealthier appearance.

There are added advantages to this modification that can increase the longevity of your Tesla, which may be beneficial if you wish to resell it in the future. The vehicle wraps cover the original chrome, effectively protecting it from scratches and other harm. Furthermore, many wraps, like black vinyl, are far less likely to show any minor marks, improving the overall appearance of the car.

From ensuring your car keeps its appeal to safeguarding your investment, de-chroming has more to offer than a simple style adjustment.

Keep cool and drive safely with window tinting

Window tints earned a reputation of being adopted by boy racers to avoid identification on the road, but today, they are associated with those seeking privacy and are considered the epitome of style. From private hire cars to elite chauffeur-driven limousines, tinted windows are now a regular option for those seeking to remain low profile. A favourite of celebrities like musicians and actors, as well as government and executive-level employees, tinted windows can keep prying eyes out of a vehicle’s interior.

While the unrivalled style of tinted windows is a sought-after solution to achieve impressive aesthetics, there are more practice benefits that drivers enjoy from this modification. Tinting windows can cut down on the amount of glare that motorists face from the sun, making for better visibility and safer and more enjoyable driving.

Additionally, tinting can limit the amount of ultra-violet rays entering the vehicle. This can have numerous benefits for drivers. It can keep the interior of cars cooler, which means that the vehicle’s dedicated air conditioning does not need to work so hard, putting far less strain on its battery. The UV rays are also less likely to sun fade a car’s interior trim. It goes without saying that as the car is cooler within, drivers and their passengers also enjoy a more comfortable experience.

It’s worth remembering that legislation is at work regarding tinting windows here in the UK. Recorded road accidents relating to tinted windows were often caused by drivers being unable to see clearly due to windows being too heavily tinted.

Fortunately, if you opt to have your Tesla’s windows tinted by a specialist, you can be sure any Tesla customisation will be in keeping with the law. Unless you want to risk facing a heavy fine, this is always a wise move.

Tinting headlamps to save lives

Another option to modify your Tesla is to tint your headlights. There are no official laws in the UK that ban the tinting of headlamps and rear lights, but rules exist that define modifications to vehicle lights. Taillights must be red and headlamps white, and any tints added must never reduce brightness beyond 50 per cent and enable most of the light to penetrate.

In 2019, an RAC study found that around 50 per cent of UK drivers suffered from being dazzled by the brightness of headlamps. The research also uncovered that around 300 road collisions occur each year across the country where headlights dazzling drivers are a recognised factor.

For this reason, tinting headlamps is not simply a style choice that adds subtlety to your Tesla, but also has the potential to save lives on the road and improve the driving experiences of other motorists.

Tesla modifications in London

You might drive a Model X or a Model S, but regardless, if you’re now seeking to add some personal style and enjoy the associated benefits of customisation, you can rely on our expert team in London. At Customise My Tesla, it’s our privilege to help Tesla owners stamp their individuality onto their new ride with an impressive range of services. These include paint protection, headlamp and window tinting, de-chroming, interior customisation, exterior styling, and window tinting, among many others.

Contact us today and explore all the options offered that can make your Tesla personalised, along with a free quotation for any custom work required.

How to select a Tesla customisation service

Cars can be exceptionally personal possessions, and many motorists like the idea of infusing their style into the vehicles they get behind the wheel of. Automakers were quick to cotton on to this trend, providing different trims for purchasers to pick from, but so was the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). In 1989, the DVLA started selling registration numbers, after identifying people would pay money for personalised plates.

Some car buyers investing in a Tesla like the way they look when they’re factory fresh. For others, this might not be the case. Fortunately, for drivers in search of the perfect style, there is a multitude of modifications that can tailor a Tesla to suit your taste. From de-chroming parts of your ride to tinting its windscreen, custom options can create a different look, while other services like paint protection offer practical benefits.

Buying an innovative vehicle from a leading manufacturer like Tesla represents a substantial financial investment. With this in mind, it’s worth taking your time before selecting a company to handle your customisations. Read on for some important points to consider when you’re carrying out research and who to trust.

Brand specialists

While general experts in car modification earn impressive reputations, a firm that focuses solely on customising Tesla vehicles is always a smart move. Unlike many brands from Ford to Ferrari, Tesla hasn’t been around for so long. This means that many custom car specialists haven’t enjoyed the opportunity of working on them. Enlisting a modifier without experience of the unique techniques needed to adapt a Tesla is not a recipe for peace of mind.

To avoid this unnecessary stress and any dissatisfaction with the service provided, opt instead for a Tesla specialist. Experienced and adept at the intricacies associated with Tesla vehicle architecture, companies that only work on Tesla products can offer many advantages.

Your customisations will be completed quicker and more skillfully, and you’ll get much better modifications for your money. Tesla-specific firms also offer a more extensive array of customisation choices than general modifiers so you’re more likely to find the option you’re after.

All modifications you make should enhance your Tesla and increase its value. By selecting a specialist in Tesla cars, you can ensure that you won’t be harming what amounts to a serious investment. Tesla experts know how to adapt vehicles so that modifications are in keeping with the brand while creating a bespoke look and feel for their drivers.

Services offered

As mentioned, Tesla-only companies customising cars will offer a wider range of options. However, not all Tesla modifiers will provide the same services. Make sure that every type of modification you’re looking for can be completed by the company you choose. There are many different kinds of customisations available for Tesla that can alter the interior and exterior of a vehicle.

Using different modifiers to tackle multiple customisations means the process of achieving your perfect look will take far longer. With one team handling all modifications, you can get services like paint protection and exterior styling work carried out in a single visit, saving you time. With an experienced crew who know your car and what you’re aiming for, you also won’t have to keep explaining what you want with each new modification.

Speed is of the essence

Tesla vehicles are designed to offer drivers an effortlessly easy experience on the road. Every day your Tesla is being worked on is another day you’re inconvenienced. To ensure work is completed in record time at minimal disruption to your driving, always select a Tesla modification specialist that offers a swift turnaround.

When you select an experienced team that understands Tesla cars intimately, you’ll find that the time it takes to complete modifications is less and the labour costs involved are far lower.

Professional Tesla modifications

You might have purchased a brand-new Model X, a Model Y or even have an older roadster model, but if you’re now on the hunt for experts in Tesla modifications in London, our gifted team can be called upon for any service.

At Customise My Tesla, it’s our pleasure and privilege to provide the select clients we serve with the option of adding value to their vehicles with a tailored range of solutions that includes window tinting, exterior styling, paint protection, interior customisation, and de-chroming, among many others. Contact us now to find out all the possibilities available to make a Tesla reflect your sense of style and acquire a free quote for the work required.

5 car customisation myths and misconceptions debunked

If you’re someone who loves cars and spends a lot of time on the road, have you considered vehicle customisation to truly make your car your own? Not only will it help your car stand out from the crowd, but it could also enhance your vehicle’s value in the process. However, there are many common myths and falsehoods going around about car customisation. We believe it’s time to debunk these misconceptions. So, here are our top 5 myths about car customisation debunked.

1. A vehicle wrap can damage the body

It’s widely believed that car wraps will negatively impact the body of your vehicle. The truth, however, is that car wraps can in fact protect the exterior of your vehicle and keep it looking as good as new.

The adhesive that is used to wrap vehicles is tailored to every vehicle’s exterior paint and can be added without damaging it in any way. Due to this, car wraps act as a shield between any scratches and the paintwork itself.

You can even remove car wraps whenever you want. All the auto-body professional will do is use heat application, clean it afterwards and you’re good to go.

2. Front bumper customisation isn’t a good investment

The bumper is one of the best places to add some customisation to your car. Not only is it affordable, but bumpers are also made from very durable materials that can withstand shocks.

Front bumper customisation tends to get a bad reputation because people mistakenly believe that it’ll wear out and be damaged after a few drives.

As custom bumpers are generally manufactured using ABS plastic, they’re very sturdy and can withstand shock, pressure and abrasions.

3. A fresh paint is a better option than a car wrap

For some odd reason, paint jobs are considered a better or more superior option in comparison to car wraps. Car wraps have more benefits than a paint job – mainly protection – and are therefore a go-to option for sports car owners and celebrities. Why? Car wraps offer a wide selection of customisation options such as shade, sheen and reflection.

In our opinion, a vehicle wrap also makes for a perfect gift for car lovers. Not only does it offer more flexibility to change the look of your vehicle later on, but it also adds a layer of protection to your car.

4. Car wraps can be installed by themselves

Installing car wraps is no easy task. By doing it yourself, you could waste your money and ruin the entire look of your vehicle. It requires precision, experience and the knowledge of dealing with commercial adhesive and vinyl material.

By leaving it to the professionals, there is no chance of bubbles or air pockets forming under the car wrap. Since auto-body professionals have experience in adding car wraps, they can best handle all the specific requirements.

5. The value of your vehicle drops when you customise it

Despite all the cash and time that goes into customising your vehicle, some individuals still believe that customisation could decrease the value of their cars. This puts off many people who initially wanted to customise their vehicles.

In actual fact, certain customisations could even increase the value of your car, especially if you’re thinking about selling it to a car customisation enthusiast. Many enthusiasts often consider their customisation plans when they’re buying a car. This usually results in them bargaining on regular car listings so that they can make the customisations later on. However, if you list your vehicle with customisations like car wraps or tinted windows, it’s still possible you’ll attract a good buyer.

The main downside is that a customised car may reduce the buyer pool as added modifications may be a burden (instead of an asset) to some people. In either case, when you do find a buyer, you’ll be able to sell your vehicle at a higher price.

Contact Customise My Tesla today

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the top myths and misconceptions surrounding vehicle customisation, you can get your vehicles customised with peace of mind. To make sure that you’re getting the best value for money and are making the most of your customisation, get in touch with an expert today.

If you’re interested in customising your Tesla to give it a bespoke look, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team at Customise My Tesla in London for all your Tesla modifications, paint protection and body repairs today.

What modifications are available for your Tesla?

Tesla has made a massive impact in the automotive industry with its innovative electric vehicles. With its incredible cars becoming a common sight on roads, the brand is growing in popularity every day.

The one downside to Tesla’s electric vehicles is their lack of custom features. With a handful of colour options available and little in the way of trim customisations, all models look very similar.

If you’re wanting your Tesla to stand out from the crowd or display a little bit of originality, then you might want to consider some modifications. We’re going to dive into the world of Tesla customisation below to find out what modifications are available for your car.

Tesla paint protection

If you’re looking to keep your Tesla in mint condition, then Tesla paint protection is an excellent modification. Using a transparent, thermoplastic film to protect the finish of your car, this customisation technique offers a lot of benefits.

For example, the glossy finish will keep your Tesla looking brand new even after many miles of use. It’s useful in protecting against abrasion, scratches and even ultraviolet rays that can discolour your paint job.

Moreover, Tesla paint protection makes it much easier to clean your car because the film stops dust and particulate matter from sticking to the paintwork. As far as modifications go, this option is really useful.


When a Tesla rolls out of the factory, all of its accents and trim work are finished in chrome. This is a flashy finish that looks great, but for those of you looking to personalise the look of your electric vehicle, de-chroming can add a lot of character.

De-chroming is, as the name suggests, a modification that removes the chrome decals and trims from your Tesla. Other materials and colour schemes can be used in place of the chrome finish to offer an extra level of customisation.

Headlamp and window tinting

If you’re wanting to modify the aesthetics of your Tesla, the headlamps, taillights and windows are excellent places to start. From dark, smoked out headlamps to coloured window tints, there are lots of ways that you can inject your own style into a Tesla.

Headlamp and tail light modifications offer a few different styles that can dramatically alter the look of your Tesla, especially in the evenings. You can alter the housing of the headlights to impact the overall appearance of the headlights or swap out the stock bulbs for something a little flashier.

Window tinting is another option that can add privacy and style to your stock Tesla. It can also keep your car cooler by blocking out excessive sunlight. Be mindful of the laws surrounding window tinting in the UK, though, as if you tint too heavily, your Tesla will no longer be legal on the road.

You can even tint your headlights if you’re wanting to add some flair without changing components. Again, be mindful of the laws here as all headlamps should be white in colour.

Customised brake callipers

Brake callipers are a perfect place to add some colour to your Tesla’s look, and it’s a really straightforward modification. If you’re looking for an easy, DIY modification, vinyl calliper covers are available and incredibly intuitive to install.

For something more bespoke, though, getting your brake callipers professionally painted to match the trim or interior of your Tesla is the way to go. With limitless possibilities, you can really make your Tesla stand out from the crowd with a new colour of the brake calliper.

Interior customisation

The interiors of a Tesla are refined, elegant and designed with care. If you’re looking to change things up, then the interior allows for a huge range of modifications. If you’re looking to add some flair to your Tesla, you can alter the interior in a number of ways:

– Dashboard wraps
– Steering wheel covers
– Interior trim paintwork

These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities for changing the look of your Tesla’s interior are limitless. From the cupholders to the stitching of your seats, the interior of a Tesla has a lot of room for customisation.

Teslas are already incredible vehicles that look great in their own right. With a few tweaks, though, you can really make it a car that accentuates your style to the letter.

If you’re considering customising your Tesla to give it a unique look, contact our specialists at Customise My Tesla today.

Is de-chroming right for your Tesla?

While some people admire a factory-fresh Tesla that looks just like the standard make and model they’ve seen online, others prefer a more personal approach and seek to modify their cars. Fortunately, experts in Tesla customisation offer a wide range of options to alter these electric vehicles to meet specific tastes. From stylish window tints to paint protection services and interior modifications, there are many possibilities to pick from.

Among the more popular options available is a select service called de-chroming, and in the following sections, we’ll explore this type of customisation so you can decide if it suits your style.

What does de-chroming mean?

As you would expect from the service name, de-chroming, (sometimes referred to as chrome delete and de-chrome wraps) involves reducing the chrome present on your Tesla. You might have purchased a Model S Tesla or a Model X, but either way, there’s a good chance its trim will feature some chrome.

Tesla designers favour this flashy finish on many parts of the cars they create, including indicators, door handles, front grilles, window surrounds and badges, but not every Tesla owner is a fan.

When a Tesla is de-chromed, the chrome is removed from the car and replaced with a different type of trim. While some Tesla owners opt for trims the same colour as their bodywork for a more seamless look, others opt for a simple but smart finish in matte black.

Why choose to de-chrome your Tesla?

We’ve looked at what de-chroming involves in terms of customisation, but what impact can this have on your Tesla and is it the right option for you?

De-chroming is designed to alter the aesthetic design of your car and is mainly chosen to downplay the trim that ships with a Tesla as standard. If you prefer a more unique look for your car, de-chroming is a great option.

While cars boasting a chrome finish may have proved exceptionally popular in the 90s, this type of trim is seen by many today as outdated. If you prefer to keep the car you drive looking current, de-chroming your Tesla is a simple and non-invasive way to upgrade it.

In terms of customisation, you’ll be in the driver’s seat when decisions are made. You can choose to have all the chrome on your Tesla removed entirely or pick areas of trim to change and keep to suit your personal preference.

How much will it cost to de-chrome your Tesla?

The price of reducing the chrome trims on your Tesla will depend on whether you plan to remove all of it from sight or just specific areas. Whatever option you decide on, you’ll find that de-chroming is a far less expensive way to obtain an updated and more elite look than purchasing the pricey trims available for the Tesla fleet.

What advantages does de-chroming bring?

If you’ve had your Tesla for some time, de-chroming can refresh your car, giving it an all-new look and feel. It can also be an economic solution when you want to sidestep purchasing expensive trims. In comparison, de-chroming is a far more cost-effective option that can give your Tesla a more expensive appearance.

De-chroming can also have practical advantages. Some Tesla drivers have remarked that a matte black trim can be incredibly durable, holding up well to wear and tear. Chrome trim, on the other hand, can fall victim to marking and pitting over time, reducing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Specialists in Tesla modifications

If you’d prefer a sleeker and sportier appearance for your Tesla, at Customise My Tesla, we’ll be happy to advise and assist you with our dedicated de-chroming service. We have an impressive selection of vinyl types for you to choose from, each delivering a unique appearance, including gloss, brushed, satin and carbon fibre.

Whether you drive a Model 3 or a Model X, if you’re now looking to style up your vehicle with Tesla modifications in London, you can rely on our gifted team. It is our pleasure to continue to offer our select clients the possibility of adding exceptional value to their investment through an extensive array of services, such as paint protection, exterior styling, window tinting and interior customisation.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to request a quote and to explore the full list of options available to transform your Tesla.

Interior customisation: what’s best for my Tesla?

Even straight out of the factory, Teslas are high-quality vehicles that promise a great driving experience. But nothing can beat the feeling of driving a car that is as you want it exactly, and with Tesla modifications in London, you can align your vehicle with your vision and have the driving experience of your dreams.

When planning your customisation, the inside of your car is just as important as the outside – in fact, as the inside is the part of your car which you’ll be seeing the most, in some ways, it’s even more critical. But it’s not a project that you should rush into without significant thought about the best way to make your Tesla even better.

Carry on reading for some ideas on how Customise My Tesla can improve your car.

Interior wraps

With an internal wrap, a high-quality synthetic film (often vinyl) is wrapped around the inside of your car, leaving it with a clean and uniform finish. Often when customising the outside, you’ll get an external wrap applied; why not get the insides wrapped too for a harmonious aesthetic?

Internal wraps can be done quickly and can cover as much or as little of your car’s insides as you want. Customise My Tesla can simply wrap your steering wheel and dashboard for a minimalist approach. However, if your vision is different, then feel free to discuss other approaches, such as wrapping the door handles and the interior panelling.

Wraps come in a variety of finishes. As mentioned, you can go for a finish complementary to the outside of your car; however, more contrasting finishes are equally popular, with glossy finishes a particular favourite. And if you ever change your mind or want to sell your Tesla, we can remove the wrap with minimal fuss and no lasting damage.

Customised steering wheels

You’ll spend almost all your time in your Tesla holding your steering wheel. In some ways, it’s the most important thing on the inside of your car. Customise My Tesla specialises in custom steering wheel designs, meaning you can connect to your vehicle in your own very unique way.

If you’re planning on using your Tesla more for performance purposes (maybe on track days, for example), then a racing steering wheel might make sense. These are ergonomically designed for efficiency and speed and often contain lots of controls for you to toggle by hand while driving – this means fewer distractions and allows you to focus just on the drive.

For more conservative customisation, replace the original Tesla steering wheel with an aftermarket carbon fibre wheel. These have a great and unique look to them – glossy and firm and matching much of the rest of the trim of your car. Customise My Tesla can work with you to find the perfect model for you and even ensure that it comes in the trim of your choice, whether leather or something else entirely.

Sound systems

Your car is your second home, so why not enjoy the same quality of music in it that you would in your living room or home theatre? Automobile sound systems are increasingly sophisticated and can deliver crisp and loud music, and Customise My Tesla can work with you on finding one to integrate with your Tesla.

A good start on this front can be fitting advanced speakers into your doors. These are an excellent place to access the power connections necessary for an aftermarket sound system and can ensure that you and your passengers listen to your music as the artists intended. Soundproofing your doors can also have a significant positive impact on the listening experience.

You can also add a subwoofer to the sound system, something most Teslas do not have as a standard feature. Adding one can amplify the bass levels in your car – ideal for genres like hip-hop or trance, but an easy way to improve sound quality for almost any kind of music.

Trim colour changes

A trim colour change can be a highly cost-effective solution for a subtle but powerful interior aesthetic shift. Customise My Tesla can pick the right shade for you and deploy it across the interior of your entire car (both at the front and back) for a striking modification sure to turn heads.


If you’re looking to customise the inside of your Tesla, don’t settle for second-best. Get in touch with Customise My Tesla today. Based in London and with huge amounts of experience customising cars, we’ll make sure your Tesla is the car you’ve always dreamed of owning.

What are the benefits of Tesla paint protection?

Tesla paint protection film is a transparent thermoplastic film that is applied to any painted surfaces of a car. Paint protection is popular among owners of expensive cars who want to protect the bodywork and appearance of their vehicle. For many Tesla owners, paint protection is a must-have procedure that is easy to do and comes at a small price for the protection that it will give to the vehicle. If you are a Tesla owner and you are considering investing in Tesla paint protection, this article will guide you through the benefits and why it is the best option for you.

What are the benefits of Tesla paint protection?

Keep your car looking new

For many people, their car plays a big role in their appearance, so keeping it looking as good as new is worth paying money for. Picture yourself turning up to a fancy dinner or party in your Tesla. Do you really want it to look tired and damaged? Probably not. Having a shiny, new car will help you to step out of that driver’s seat with confidence whilst everyone stares at your well-kept vehicle.

Tesla paint protection applies a scratch-resistant layer with a high-gloss shine to your vehicle so that it will look as good as the day you bought it for years to come.

High resale value

When it comes to resale, the condition of your car will play a large role in determining its value. Cars that are in good condition can be sold on for more, whereas cars with noticeable scratches or scuffs may not attract such a high price. Tesla’s are not cheap cars, so maintaining a good resale price is probably at the top of your list of priorities. Investing in paint protection will prevent your car from being scratched or scraped, which will minimise the risk of damage and maintain good value.

Easy cleaning

Paint protection film repels dust particles, which means that the exterior of your car will not attract a build-up of dust. This will make the cleaning of your Tesla a whole lot easier and will help to keep the car looking shiny all year round. Preventing dust from gathering on the car will also mean that you can go longer in between cleans as your car will take more time to start looking dirty.

It is recommended that you avoid using harsh cleaners when cleaning a paint protected vehicle, as these can strip away the film, leaving the paintwork exposed to damage. It is always a good idea to discuss the care of paint protected cars with a specialist once the film has been applied to the Tesla.

Paint protection is invisible

If you’re like any other Tesla owner, your car was an investment and you took a long time choosing which colour, model and specs to go for. The last thing that you want is to invest in protection that spoils the appearance of your car or ruins the experience of owning it. The best thing about Tesla paint protection is that it is completely invisible and is not noticeable once it has been placed on the vehicle.

Paint protection will actually enhance the look of your vehicle and maintain a nice, glossy finish. Investing in Tesla paint protection means that you don’t have to sacrifice appearance for protection, so it’s a win-win.

Sun protection

Dust is not the only source of damage that can threaten your Tesla. UV rays from the sun can penetrate your car’s paint, ageing it quickly and sometimes causing discolouration. Paint protection film repels UV rays, preventing them from hitting the paint and causing damage to the appearance of your vehicle.

Paint protection will also protect your car from rust caused by the environment and will make your car generally more durable in rougher weather conditions. Come rain or shine, you can rest knowing that your Tesla is ready to face any environmental forces.

Does Customise My Tesla offer Tesla paint protection?

Customise My Tesla is London’s first Tesla customisation shop that offers a range of services for Tesla owners. The Tesla Paint Protection offered promises to keep your car vibrant and protected from any damage.

Other services offered by the company include de-chroming, headlamp and window tinting, brake callipers colour change, and much more. Customise My Tesla cater to all models of the car and take pride in delivering the best of customisation. To learn more about the protective services that they could offer to you, why not get in touch and speak to an expert today?

Understanding car customisation and the law

As an extension of our body that obeys commands and responds to our reactions, the connection we make with our vehicles can be incredibly personal. While contemporary car designs are often well-engineered, sleek, and beautiful, they are still mass-produced, leading some drivers to seek ways to tailor them to their own specific taste. This work will often involve altering their appearance from their original specs, and in the following sections, we’ll explore where UK law stands on customisation and what you need to know before attempting any modifications.

Vehicle wrapping

If you have decided to have your car entirely re-wrapped, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) does not classify this as a permanent alteration. However, as the vehicle’s registered owner, if you should choose to make this modification, you now have a legal obligation to inform the DVLA that the vehicle in your care has had a change of colour.

This can be easily done by updating your car’s dedicated VC5 logbook and sending it to the DVLA in Swansea along with evidence of changing the colour of your car.

You should also consider letting your motor insurance provider know that you’ve selected to have your car wrapped. While this type of modification is unlikely to impact the price of your premiums, your insurer will need to be aware of the expense to replace or repair the wrap, in the unfortunate event that you’re involved in a traffic incident.

Window tinting

While once stylish window tints were a customisation renowned for being used by boy racers, they have become an increasingly sought-after option for today’s drivers. Elite hire vehicles and chauffeur driven services along with the company cars of high-profile executives can often be seen with tinted windows for the enhanced privacy levels they offer. Other drivers may simply select them for additional style or to reduce the number of UV rays entering the vehicle, keeping cars cooler and more comfortable and drivers less hampered by glare.

While no laws govern tints for the rear window and rear side windows of your car, the front side windows and your front windscreen are a different matter. However, the law regarding tints for these windows will depend on the age of your car.

To be road legal, cars first used from April 1, 1985 onwards are allowed to have tints added to their front windscreen that let 75 per cent of sunlight through. The front side windows must let at least 70 per cent of the light in.

For cars first used prior to April 1, 1985, the law states that both their front windscreens and their front side windows must let at least 70 per cent of light in when they are tinted.

The legislation for window tints has been specifically designed to make sure a vehicle’s driver never has their vision impaired by their windows being modified with tints. The law was originally instated because cases were reported where car windows that were heavily tinted had contributed to traffic accidents.

Illegal tints can lead to penalties for not just vehicle owners, but installers and sellers who may face legal action for fitting heavily tinted windscreens and side windows. Vehicle owners caught on the road using illegally tinted windows could be served with a court summons, a penalty notice or face a prohibition notice that insists their car cannot be driven on UK roads until its windows are altered to the required transparency.

Tinting headlamps

While there are no UK laws that ban headlamp or rear light tints, there are some rules in place that restrict these types of modification on cars. For the most part, the key point to remember is that lights must keep their correct colour, for example, headlamps should be white, and taillights must remain red. Any tint that is added should dim the brightness of your light by no more than 50 per cent and you should allow the majority of the light to shine through.

Experts in Tesla modifications

Whether you drive a Model S or a Model X, if you’re seeking to style up your car with Tesla modifications in London, you can count on our talented team. At Customise My Tesla we take pride in offering our clients the option to add value to their investment with a select range of services that includes paint protection, de-chroming, exterior styling, interior customisation, and window tinting, among others. Get in touch today to discover all the options available to make your Tesla unique to you and receive a free quote for any work required.

What your car says about you!

There are lots of stereotypes attached to certain makes and models of vehicle, as well as abundant jokes and digs at ‘white van men’!

If you’ve already invested in a groundbreaking Tesla, it shows that you fall into the category of a discerning driver. Someone who has luxury, technology and sustainability high on their lifestyle priorities.

We don’t need to tell you how brilliantly your car drives, but the vehicle’s aesthetics – outer appearance in particular – is important too. This is why you may be considering Tesla customisation.

So, let’s dig down deeper into the reasons to commission Tesla modifications in London and what your car says about you.

Why exterior details matter

The way a car looks can be a status symbol – showing off wealth and prestige – and this is a widely accepted idea. It’s also common to think of some car brands and models as for older drivers, families, young learners or even ‘boy racers’ for instance.

The truth is, we don’t just judge and evaluate people based on the type of car they own. After all, we live in a society that puts a high price on physical appearance!

For example, having a dirty vehicle with rusty scratches and old dents signals someone who is not only uncaring but also irresponsible. The damage is going to get worse if it’s not dealt with.

A rather flashy OOT car implies someone who ‘talks the talk’ but who cares about appearances too much! Pulling up in a large four-wheel drive known for fuel inefficiencies – in a city setting – can also give the impression that the owner is all style and no substance.

When you see a flawless electric car, the implication of this is that the owner is someone who cares about their environmental footprint. They are also displaying great attention to detail and taking the time, and trouble needed to keep their vehicle well maintained and truly roadworthy.

Passengers are going to feel safer with you, and when parking up for a meeting, you will build trust before you even open your car doors!

The science behind first impressions

This sort of instant appraisal is not simply the modern obsession with ‘looks’. Humans are hard-wired to get essential information from visual input – which is why first impressions do count!

Within a tenth of a second, our brain can formulate opinions and hypothesis based on what we see. One glance, and we assess another person’s gender, race, level of affluence and even attitude based on body language, for example.

(source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/talking-apes/201708/the-psychology-first-impressions)

It’s that ‘friend or foe’ instinct that has evolved into instant judgement. It now extends to how we evaluate someone’s home and vehicle.

The subtle issues with finishes

Of course, appearances don’t just matter to other people; they matter to you!

A car’s styling and finish is an important part of its engineering and prestige. This means even the slightest thing that jars on your car’s exterior can detract from how much you – and others – admire it.

For example, this could be the chrome finish on your Tesla. Perhaps it looked great in the showroom, but over time it’s started to niggle and look slightly tacky to you. Or, you have become aware that your brake callipers stand out too much – or not enough – and you wish you could customise their colour.

What may seem like a small detail to others starts to detract from your pride in your Tesla!

Having that expertly corrected could lift your bodywork, giving your whole car the ‘right’ look and feel.

Get in touch to discuss Tesla customisation that gets your car ‘saying’ all the right things.

Has your Tesla been damaged? Make sure you choose the right specialist to repair it

Finding damage to your Tesla is something no owner wants to face, but it’s a reality of owning any vehicle. No matter how well you keep your car, accidents can happen. That means it’s important to know you have a specialist available to carry out your Tesla body repairs both quickly and affordably. For that, you need the specialists at Customise My Tesla.

Finding your Tesla damaged

You no doubt love your Tesla and treat it well, but there are times when you’re simply not in control of what happens to lead to it being damaged. It may, for example, be damaged by a passing motorist while parked on the side of the road. You may be involved in a minor traffic collision. Something may accidentally bump or scrape your vehicle from a passer-by.

It’s a sad truth that accidents happen; it’s just part of the risk we take owning and driving our vehicles. The good thing, however, is that you can get your Tesla’s bodywork repaired surprisingly easily. All you need to do is ask a specialist.

Who should you trust?

If your Tesla has been damaged, you should seek the services of a team that are experienced in all things relating to Tesla body repairs. That means putting in a call to Customise My Tesla, London’s Tesla specialists.

The thing about bodywork damage is that it never occurs at a convenient time. That means you’ll want your Tesla back in your possession as soon as possible; nobody wants to say goodbye to their pride and joy for weeks on end. But of course, you don’t want the speed of the work to negatively impact the quality of the job that’s done.

That’s why working with Customise My Tesla makes so much sense. We’re a team of Tesla specialists, who only work with Teslas, so whatever model Tesla you have you can be satisfied that we know our way around it. That experience means we’re able to offer excellent lead times on even the most involved body repairs. We don’t only offer Tesla body repairs, we also offer body customisation, which means we’re well versed in removing and replacing Tesla body panels as quickly as possible.

Depending on the severity of the damage, we may even be able to repair it while you wait.

What kind of body repairs do we offer?

Customise My Tesla offers a comprehensive range of Tesla body repairs. This can be anything from the tiniest scuff in your paintwork, to full body panel replacement after a large accident.

We’ll assess your vehicle and the area of damage to decide with you the best way forward. If it’s possible, we may be able to simply make smaller marks and imperfections disappear using a mixture of our polishing and paint correction techniques. If, however, the whole panel needs to be replaced, we can supply said panel and make sure it’s painted exactly to match the colour of your vehicle. No matter the size of the repair, your Tesla will leave our workshop looking spotless.

Damage to your Tesla? Call us today

If you find your Tesla is damaged, or you’re involved in an accident, don’t wait to get the problem addressed. When you work with Customise My Tesla, we’ll make the process of getting your Tesla repaired as easy and stress-free as possible.

Whether it’s a tiny mark and imperfection or a large amount of damage resulting from a crash, we can offer you complete customer satisfaction and return your Tesla to looking as good as it did from the factory. Call Customise My Tesla for a quote today.